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By applying industry-leading expertise to different disease areas, based on clinical and economic evidence, help companies advance the formulation and implementation of market access strategies

1.Analyze the access environment and assess the market access potential.

2.Analyze clinical data to generate evidence of desired clinical and

  economic value.

3.Provide localized HTA payer/KOL/patient online research platform and

  provide evidence materials.

4.Market positioning based on value evidence and development of pricing


Western medicine:

    health economics modeling of long-acting white needles (Included in

    national medical insurance in 2017)

    Health economics modeling and market access for COPD Drugs

    (Included in national medical insurance in 2019)

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

    Health economics modeling and market access for migraine drugs

    (Included in national medical insurance in 2020)

We have an extensive consulting network of health and medical insurance experts and have established in-depth cooperative relations with more than fifty medical organizations, including universities, hospitals, scientific research institutions and expert associations. Professional clinical data and economic data analysis team, experience in combining real world study and health economics analysis. At present, the medical insurance access of multiple products has been completed, covering oncology, cardiovascular, respiratory, orthopedics, ophthalmology, digestion, and other therapeutic fields.

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